ITC North-South - a new concept

International Forum

25-26 OCTOBER 2023

Quick entry to the premium markets
of the East, Asia, Africa and India

Grand Hotel

Main topics and sessions of the Forum:

which will help all interested market players to find practical solutions and answers to questions that are already being raised, help to increase freight traffic right now, not waiting until the corridor infrastructure is completed, an integrated operator appears, etc..

The target of the Forum is to formulate a new concept for the work of the ITC North-South,

The needs and proposals of Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the countries of the Middle East, Asia and Africa;

Transport and logistics routes of the ITC North-South and the cost of transportation;

Financial arrangements for the payments movement of cargo insurance;

Advantages, limitations and cost of shipping from Novorossiysk and St.Petersburg to the Middle East, India, Asia and Africa.

Forum participants will receive valuable first-hand information, answers to all their questions, including information about:

how Turkish companies manage to supply all of Africa with flour from Russian and the CIS countries cereals;

the price level for the goods produced in Russia and the CIS in the markets of the Middle East and Africa;

how did the UAE become a trading hub for Africa and the Middle East? The cost of goods storing in the ports of the UAE and Iran;

why and for whom do traders from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and India buy Russian oil and oil products;

what is the reason for the absence of Russian trading warehouses in the countries: Iraq, Pakistan and the UAE; what range of food commodities fills the shelves of the Middle East supermarkets;

which business segments are free for Russian goods in the markets of the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.


Valuable knowledge from smart people from the best companies

Dmitry Borisovich

Afsharian Mohammad Sadegh Mohammad Bagher

Director of the Caspian International Integrative Club "North-South"

Head of logistics and export of timber to I.R.Iran company VECTOR “NORTH-SOUTH” LLC, as well as representative of the CVD JSC SANAT AND DARIA in Russia.

Ponomarenko Nikita Vladimirovich

Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Malaysia

Ramazanov Agamir Heydarovich

Lyudmila Viktorovna

Vtorygina Vera

Yuri Alekseevich

General Director Birlik Yoldash Tejarat Aras Con

Founder of the "JUST" group of companies

Director of the branch of JSC Russian Railways Logistics in Saratov

Prof., Doctor of Economics, head of the laboratory of the Institute of National Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head. Department of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M. Gubkin.


Maxim Yurievich


Ullah Ahmadi

Alexey Ivanovich

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran In Russian federation

Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of South Africa

Secretary General of Iran Shipping Association

Deputy Director for Economic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Afghanistan)

General Director of JSC "FIRST GROUP"
Member of the General Council of the All-Russian public organization "Business Russia"



Polyakova Olga Nikolaevna

Vostrikov Alexey Alexandrovich

Founder of the logistics project "N.trans Lab"

Representative of the State Shipping Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRISL) in Russia.

Representative of the Rostov Grain Star company

JSC Mir Business Bank
Deputy Branch Manager in Astrakhan

Milushkin Sergey Yurievich

General Director

Abdulatipov Ramazan Gadzhimuradovich

Chairman of the "North-South Club"

Sharov Alexander

General Director of "RusIranExpo" Group of Companies

Deputy General Director of TSZP LLC for commercial issues

Krasavin Alexander Sergeevich

Mirsayapov Ruslan Zagitovich

Volynsky Ilya Alexandrovich

Hazrat Ali Fazil (Mula Bakhtulrahman Sharafat)


Novikov Evgeniy Leonidovich

Rybakov Sergey

Alekseev Igor Alexandrovich

Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Minister of Industry, Trade and Energy of the Astrakhan Region

General Director. Afghanistan Railways

Representative of the International Foreign Policy Association R.F.
in the Islamic Republic of Iran

General Director of the TopFrame group of companies

Director of Strategic Development, Insurance Broker "RIFAMS"

Acting Rector of ASU

Huseynov Mehman Yahya oglu

Director of MMC
"Astara Trans Servis", Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan


Liwa Hammady Hussein AL-FARHANI

Rybas Alexander Leonidovich

General Director
"Jahan Daniz Kala", Iran

Commercial attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Moscow

Sales Representative
Russian Federation in the Republic of India


Program architecture

Registration of participants. Welcome coffee

8.30 — 9.30

(organized groups)
Visits to ports/production sites of your choice:
- Ports of Astrakhan
- SEZ Lotus
- Other programs upon commercial requests

10.00 — 14.00

Coffee break

11.20 — 11.40


13.00 — 14.00

Coffee break

Signing of investment agreements

15.50 — 16.20
18.00 — 18.30


15.00 — 17.00

Round table following the results of the forum.

The format is short discussion speeches.
Summing up and adoption of the resolution.

Lunch at a cafe

Gathering of guests in the lobby of the Grand Hotel

14.00 — 15.00
09.30 — 10.00

New markets: needs and proposals of Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, countries of the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

9.30 — 11.20 Session 1

Proposals from banks, financial and insurance enterprises aimed at trade and transit possibilities assurance under sanctions realities.

11.40 — 13.00 Session 2

Proposals of logistics companies from Russia, Iran, CIS countries, Asia and Africa.

14.00 — 15.50 Session 3

A new concept of ITC North-South, development prospects

16.20 — 18.00 Session 4


25 October

26 October

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